hcs - Small command-line tool to control a Voltcraft PPS-11360 Programmable DC Power Supply.


hcs [command]


This manual page explains the hcs program. The hcs program provides basic control for the Programmable DC Power Supply.

The tool allows you to retrieve status from the power supply, set voltage, current and output state.


Multiple commands can be specified in one go.

  • auto Auto connect to first detected power supply.

  • auto <id> Auto connect to detected power supply with <id>.

  • list List autodetected power supplies.

  • status Report status from the power supply. (Current voltage, current and active limiter)

  • voltage Read the output voltage.

  • voltage <value>: Set the output voltage (in Volts).

  • current Read the output current limit.

  • current <value>: Set the output current limiter (in Amps).

  • off Turn the output off.

  • on Turn the output on.

  • mode Get the mode the power supply is currently in, this can be CC (Control Current), CV (Control Voltage) and Off (output off).

  • ocp Get the level the Over current protection will kick in.

  • ocp <value> Set the level the Over current protection will kick in.

  • ovp Get the level the Over voltage protection will kick in.

  • ovp <value> Set the level the Over voltage protection will kick in.

  • interactive Go into interactive mode.


hcs voltage 5 output 1.3 status

Set the output voltage to 5Volts, the output current limit to 1.3Amps and report the current status.

Device information:
 Device Type:               PS 2042-06B
 Manufacturer:                       EA
 Article No. :                 39------
 Serial Num.:                269-------
 Software Version:     V4.02 05.12.2012
Device specifications:
 Nominal voltage:                 42.00
 Nominal current:                  6.00
 Nominal power:                  100.00
 Set OVP:                         46.20
 Set OCP:                          6.60
 Set voltage:                      5.00
 Set current:                      0.50
 Current voltage:                  0.00
 Current current:                  0.00
 Current power:                    0.00
 Current mode:                      Off

See status of EA-PS 2042-06 B power supply.


hcs obeys the following environment variables:

  • HCS_DEVICE The device node pointing to the serial device of the programmable power supply.




The following device(s) are known to work:

  • Voltcraft PPS-11360

  • Elektro-Automatik EA-PS 2000 series.

    • Tested with EA-PS 2042-06 B


Please report bugs on the GITHUB issues page:


This program is licensed under GPL 2.0.